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zatojones - 2006-04-19

Rap used to be so awesome. What happened?

Stopheles - 2006-04-19

Rhymes as good as "Follow the Leader," and a much better video. I rap this in the shower...

yoyo1 - 2006-04-21

I knew a couple rap videos as cool as this one, if only I could find them...

baldy99 - 2006-04-22

Whadda song!

Yakoo:MarkTwo - 2006-04-27

I honestly used to sing this to myself on my way to work at the grocery store.

boner - 2006-05-03

Our parents were scared of this?

deadlydeathcone - 2006-06-03

Parent groups ruin everything.

bopeton - 2006-07-25

"You want to know my occupation? I get paid to rock the nation."

Vicious - 2006-12-10


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