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Smellvin - 2007-09-13

It's just a fuel-air bomb that the Ruskies (and us, though to a lesser extent) have had for a few decades. This one is just bigger than the others. Nothing new here.

unknown rebel - 2010-03-14

That's right, because Russia never does anything better.

Frank Rizzo - 2007-09-13


tastes like cold war II

Roachbud - 2007-09-13

There's not going to be a Cold War II, Russia is just too damn week. What you will see is it reasserting itself over its old sphere of influence using its energy resources as a whip. It's already a geopolitical ally of China, which is where the real challenge to Western dominance is going to come from.

Modern Angel - 2007-09-13

Listen to this man. He spelled weak correctly.

Roachbud - 2007-09-13

I did get focus on Russian politics for one of my degrees and I am a professional writer. Thanks for correcting me.

Roachbud - 2007-09-13

oops I made a nother tipo in tat reponse

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-09-14

You also misspelled Rosebud, just so you know.

x - 2007-09-14

Are you a professional "writer" or "waiter"?

Modern Angel - 2007-09-14

Selling pencils on street corners doesn't make you a professional writer

Roachbud - 2007-09-14

I get a paycheck every two weeks for writing two or three pages a day on national energy policy as it relates to wholesale competitive power markets. The New York Times it ain't, but then I'm just a year and a half out of school.

Modern Angel - 2007-09-14


detc - 2009-09-23

How exciting. I'm the king of space and can prove my claims as well as you can yours.

Caminante Nocturno - 2007-09-13

So when are you guys going to build giant tesla coils?

papercut_junky - 2007-09-13

I guess corpses don't count as contamination.

glasseye - 2007-09-13

What they really mean is "no radioactive contamination." You don't really want explosives residues in your ground water either.

unknown rebel - 2010-03-14

No, not until they rise from the dead and eat us alive.

simon666 - 2007-09-13

as powerful as what type of nuclear bomb, size, and detonation height?

and obviously this is empty russian posturing... that bomb is too big to deploy effectively, much like the worlds largest nuclear bomb they detonated in '61.

poor russia just feels the pressure of every EU country and applicant, joining NATO and the US in its backyard (Afghanistan and Iraq). this and putting a flag at the bottom of the arctic sea floor.

maybe if they didn't kill journalists who were critical of their shitty government i wouldn't sound like such a xenophobe. sheesh.

futurebot - 2007-09-13

A powerful nation-state making ridiculously impractical military investments as an assertion of geopolitical will. THAT'S SO RUSSIA

Camonk - 2007-09-14

Yeah, crazy Russia. Glad my country doesn't do that.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2009-04-06

from the video, a 0.000044Mt bomb.

Big Muddy - 2007-09-13

A commie thetan bomb!!!!!! Look at the back of the orange missile!

yoyo1 - 2007-09-13

It's a bomb wearing an H.E.V. suit.

kingarthur - 2007-09-14

Echoing futurebot's "That's So Russia" comment. There should be a game show...

Uulanbaatorbaby - 2007-09-14

A weapon that can completely blow your enemy to bits AND make you feel all morally cuddly inside. Awesome!

Old_Zircon - 2007-09-14

+1 for completely tangential footage of TERRISTS at the end.

Billy Buttsex - 2007-09-14


Gwago - 2008-11-21

This should make the hippies happy!


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