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Hooper_X - 2008-01-16

Seriously, that's obscenely drunk.

Sean Robinson - 2008-01-16

Scott Hall is still alive?!?

Hooper_X - 2008-01-16

Well, this IS from 1998 or so, so it's really anyone's guess. Even if he's alive, his liver is decidedly not.

MasturbationDestination - 2008-01-16

I happened to be the runner up in the 1998 Cannonball Spring Break championship. You can see why I lost though. Truly a great cannonballer is Kevin Nash.

Screwtape - 2008-01-16

Not drunk enough. I doubt that trip at the end was intentional, but he was still able to deliver his lines and go rigid when Giant picked him up.

1394 - 2008-01-16

Is that razor ramon? i think he was one of my favorite 'rasslers.

MK_Ultra - 2008-01-16

Part of the thing about spring break is that you have to go to college for it to count; otherwise you're just an unemployed hick that lives in north Florida.

benchmark - 2008-01-17

God damn.

This was right around the time WWF/E began to beat WCW in the ratings war, wasn't it?

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