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mouser - 2008-01-17

Oh yeah baby! Oh yeaah! Please people, let's keep an eye on this tard! Oh boy... I can only anticipate the mind crash she'll get when either of her fucked up parents--no... scrap that... "trainers"-- will die.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-01-17

The working class version of Paris Hilton.

EvilHomer - 2008-01-17

It had me up until physical labor and mom doing her school projects; this chick has to be a troll, and I love her for it.

Bonus points for Scrotum's comment.

Hooker - 2008-01-17

She had me going with the Blondie story.

Jeff Fries - 2008-01-17

The mom looks like the babysitter from The Chipmunk Adventure.

VoilaIntruder - 2008-01-18

It's kind of a backstory to the whole film.

kingarthur - 2008-01-18

Excellent trolling there, team. I wonder if they're a real family.

meowmers - 2008-01-18

i wonder how many miscarriages that mom had.

zatojones - 2008-01-18

one too few it would seem

voodoo_pork - 2008-01-18

Hmm... almost bought it. Most likely fake.

RomancingTrain - 2008-01-18

-2 for the captions

This is almost wholly her parent's fault. She seems to be grateful for everything she has. Her parents are the assholes, "I don't hire ugly chicks." "This restaurant sucks." etc. She is a dumb 15 year old but they're grown and should know better.

PS- Bullshit, this ain't fake, there are people much worse.

Xenocide - 2008-01-18

I see a lot of therapy in her future.

zatojones - 2008-01-18

therapy and date rape

Midnight Man - 2008-01-21

I'm calling suicide by 43

commandocucumber - 2008-10-06

want to bet on that?

i call suicide at forty, when she realizes that she can no longer survive on her looks.

Mister Yuck - 2009-10-21


Mister Yuck - 2009-10-21

(She's not that pretty)

Frank Rizzo - 2008-01-18

"that was not your best cereal"

is the mother a corpse? And what is the deal with the added text? Is it suposed to be funny? -2 for that shit...

Doomstein - 2008-01-18

Your nose is too ugly to win anything.

Gamara II - 2008-01-18

This is so obviously faked, or heavily coached. With most of these "reality" type shows you just have the producers saying "say this" and the person goes "ok". They're just actors who work for basically nothing.

baleen - 2008-01-18

I'm going to make a short film called "Baleen Gets a Spray On Tan."
Would you like me to submit it here?

bongoprophet - 2008-01-18


Billy Buttsex - 2008-01-18


baleen - 2008-01-18

Alright I'll start getting this together.

revdrew - 2008-01-19

It needs to be filmed/edited like it's a reality show, though.

mashedtater - 2008-11-18

and has to start with

"Hi this baleen but you can call me Bump-ty Boo"

Billy Buttsex - 2008-01-18


IrishWhiskey - 2008-08-14

That would explain why the OC is the most liberal part of California, and feminists strongly endorse beauty pageants.

Oh wait....

zatojones - 2008-01-18

has anyone noticed that she's not very pretty, because she's not.

Enjoy - 2008-01-18

That's the best part. All three members of their family are somewhat hideous. Mom and daughter try to hide behind twenty layers of makeup but there's a lot of ugly to hide.

baleen - 2008-01-18

It's a serious whatever happened to baby jane scenario but in reverse.

Enjoy - 2008-01-18

Oh yeah, the dad is a Scientologist which may explain a few things...

http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/by-name/r/ralph-gua staferro.html

charmlessman - 2008-01-18

That explains A TON!!

It's people like her that make me generate bile.

says we see her face all over CNN in 3 years because she will go missing in Aruba.

The Man Who Cares - 2008-01-18

It's real enough:


positively - 2008-01-19


Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-01-20

My favorite part of this is the Indiana family, who are just reading and doing normal down to earth things. Even lounging they make these people look bad.

Testicles of Doom - 2008-01-20

-1 for the Text, although +4 for "This is why the terrorists hate us", because it is FUCKING TRUE.

yoyo1 - 2008-01-22

5-starred hoping it's real.

Eroticus E - 2008-01-24

LET'S GO BUFFALO! Let's hear it for my hometown!

Honestly, it would be nearly impossible to sum up the amazing awfulness of a Western New York suburb any better than this video clip has.

frau_eva - 2008-02-18

Everyone keeps saying its fake, but.....no. Horrifyingly enough, there are people like this.

She'll be the first against the wall.

sparklefatty - 2008-03-11

This is why I turned out to be a fat, disgusting, flatulent, uneducated, toothless slob in a third floor apartment in Dullsville. Because nobody cared for me like these parents.

Pie Boy - 2008-03-13

I hate people. I hate everyone.

OxygenThief - 2008-03-21

Is her mom in Dimmu Borgir?

colander - 2008-04-13



FABIO2 - 2008-05-04

"reality" TV =(

3 stars though for Laura Palmer vibe.

DopeFiend - 2008-05-10

Fake. Year-round christmas tree my ass. Y'all got fooled by some top trolls, and so did the wannabe who wrote the text.

Frank Rizzo - 2008-05-11

is it just me or does the mom look like a dead person?

CharlesSmith - 2008-06-27

People think everything on the internet that they don't like is fake. Seriously, do you people really think that there's some vast, well funded conspiracy to put fake videos on youtube and "get" you? Well you sure showed them, you're not buying their LIES.

caseyt - 2008-06-30

For the captions

For the warning at the beginning

For the followup

For making me watch this by gradually sucking me in

For no SPARKLING text

For no shots of the girl getting spanked.

Cap'n Profan!ty - 2008-07-19


jesus holy hell this girl will be impossible once she turns into the ugly-ass adult her parents' genetics have doomed her to become

Unsung - 2008-07-19

I want to know more about the athiest robot serial killer.

thekidinthehelmet - 2008-08-19

This makes me sadder to be from Buffalo than losing sports teams and horrible weather.

But +5 for why the terrorists hates us.

Bone_Vulture - 2008-11-08

So vapid it's beautiful.

PurpleXVI - 2008-12-23


There's the first part of the Wife Swap episode where they actually try to force her to do things.

TangoB - 2010-06-19

says the next time anyone sees this face it will have Max Hardcore sticking out of it...

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2012-09-01

OMG, she was just busted for prostitution!

http://www.tmz.com/2012/08/30/wife-swap-star-mugshot-alicia-gu astaferro-prostitute/

Not unexpected, but I didn't figure it would happen so FAST.

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