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kingarthur - 2008-02-03

Oh hell yes. OH HELL YES. I need my Gang Starr albums back.

Stopheles - 2008-02-03

They rep the Planet so so nice.

Innocent Bystander - 2008-02-04

While I can't less than five star this, I always thought this video kinda clashed with the Gang Starr music/image. I guess they had to show that if Puffy could spend money on videos, so could they.

Roachbud - 2008-02-04

I had to submit this so many times before it made it

Billy Buttsex - 2008-02-04

I was bored

Roachbud - 2008-02-04

You think Lil Jon is better hip hop?

Billy Buttsex - 2008-02-04

At times, yes.

Billy Buttsex - 2008-02-04

Actually, nix that: ALWAYS yes, musically.

kingarthur - 2008-02-06

If I wasn't CONVINCED Buttsex was trolling 75% of the time...

kiint - 2008-02-05

where is the THX-1138 tag?

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