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Albuquerque Halsey - 2008-03-13

For the last 15 seconds.

GravidWithHate - 2008-03-13

A whiff of grapeshot, updated for the modern era.

kelpfoot - 2008-03-14

5 stars for reminding me of Horatio Hornblower.

mouser - 2008-03-13

Super awesome photography and shockwave.

Terrifying weapon.

Surgical era. My ass.

halon - 2008-03-13

Seeing the shockwave in the air at around 0:27 is rad as hell

CornOnTheCabre - 2008-03-13

Now all we need to do is find a way for Javier Bardem to carry it around.

SARS - 2008-03-13

god I hope this Shotgun Tank has chainsaws for side turrets

sparklefatty - 2008-03-13

I'll bet that would hurt.

athodyd - 2008-03-13

holy christ i had no idea shockwaves were actually visible

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-06-27

You should see slow motion from prone-position right behind a heavy duty sniper rifle. The kind that shoot bullets going Mach3. The shockwave is this needle-like corkscrew of distorted air.

Are those... targets getting knocked down in the last one? Yikes.

Also, the trees behind the firing range are going be noticably free of birds.

Also, Sosage, I have an old Item Backpack I'm not using and could sell to you at three quarters price, if you want a cheap 8-slotter.

Frank Rizzo - 2008-03-14

now all they need is to fill it with rubber pellets and let loose on some rioting black people.

sosage - 2008-03-14

Now I can upgrade the right arm on my Front Mission mech sitting in the backyard.

That was nerdy. =(

Albuquerque Halsey - 2008-03-14


dancingshadow - 2008-03-14

That camera operator must be quick. How did they get it to pan so well?

RockBolt - 2008-03-14

That's got to be computer or radar controlled, somehow

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-07-08

When I build a robot maid, she's going to have something like this in her right arm.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-08-18



Charon - 2009-02-26

This was pretty cool until 1:22. Then I actually gasped.

Banal Intercourse - 2009-02-26

Around :52, right when the shell starts coming back into view, I want to see the pellets reassemble.

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