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Hugo Gorilla - 2008-03-16

Hey, white middle-class 22-to-35 year old men; wanna buy a car?

Smellvin - 2008-03-16

No. :(

Doctor Arcane - 2008-03-16

Only if it shoots out oil slicks and smoke cones.

baleen - 2008-03-16

ruinations of childhood. fuck you pontiac. and PONTIAC. SPYHUNTER CAR IS NOT A FUCKING PONTIAC.

zatojones - 2008-03-16

No but I sort of want to play Spy Hunter now

Repomancer - 2008-03-16


FISTFULLofSOUL - 2008-03-16

Anyone ever finish this game?

Frank Rizzo - 2008-03-16

one time I got to the part where you get in boat, and then you end up getting your ass kicked.

so no :(

this commerical is awesome.

Repomancer - 2008-03-16

You mean the original arcade game? I mastered it. I could play until I got tired and then walk away, never having died. You never 'finished' it -- there was no end. It just kept repeating after a point.

jreid - 2008-03-16

Funny thing is, all the other cars in the video are way cooler than that boring ass G8.

Cinnamon Imperialist - 2008-03-16

I've never really gotten the point of CGI car commercials.

SolRo - 2008-03-16

so driving a G8 makes any car around you instantly barrel roll?

baleen - 2008-03-16

It just occurred to me that you are probably 14 years old.

Cap'n Profan!ty - 2008-03-16

baleen is late to most parties.

baleen - 2008-03-16

I don't even party with you guys anymore. I'm like the old guy on the porch. get off my lawn.

Frank Rizzo - 2008-03-16

solro is either, extremely old or extremely young.

Stog - 2008-03-16

Give me a car with machine guns and rockets or you can go to hell Pontiac

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2008-03-16

Gametap has Interstate 76 for download which is exactly what you want.

Stog - 2008-03-16

Cars with guns and not giving money to irritating car dealers who will stab me in the ass? Sold!

StanleyPain - 2008-03-16

I'll bet you money this bullshit is some form of advance marketing for the Spy Hunter movie in 2009.
"Hey..remember that one game? Well..there's a movie coming! And we made the car that's going to appear in it for a few minutes!"

Adramelech - 2008-03-16

My first thought exactly. Viral.

Killer Joe - 2008-03-16

I played this in a pizza place awhile ago. It's a pretty crappy game.

RandomFerret - 2008-03-16


Oh my god, kids today.

Stog - 2008-03-16


baleen - 2008-03-17

yeah. I'm thirty years old and I find myself having no hope for the future of mankind over things as trivial as spyhunter.

SARS - 2008-03-17

Spyhunter sucks only slightly less than Bermuda Triangle did, for sheer impossibleness

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