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Hooper_X - 2008-04-17

I was watching this guy's Optimus Prime and I'm all "okay, okay, okay, OH MY GOD HIS HEAD." And then the roly poly lovable Marshmallowbots showed up and I just lost it.

SARS - 2008-04-17


Maggot Brain - 2008-04-17

They're like balloons!

zatojones - 2008-04-17

That's actually called "z buffer fighting". Suffice to say it could all be fixed with some stencil buffers.

fluffy - 2008-06-27

Looks more like good old-fashioned "my vertices are jumping around randomly for no good reason" to me.

mouser - 2008-04-17

5 for the last tag alone.

kingarthur - 2008-04-17

You can tell Jazz is black because he breakdances and calls people "bitch".

Mike Tyson?! - 2008-04-17

It's like a PSone game in many regards, 4 stars for memories.

Chizmurder - 2008-04-17

They were always marshmallows to me.

dancingshadow - 2008-04-17

Autobots, inflate and roll out.

Jeff Fries - 2008-04-18

I'm impressed some deviantart brats put this together

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