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Spike Jonez - 2008-06-17

I love how it includes the sounds of the person who recorded this smoking pot in the background.

Twitch - 2008-06-17

Oh SNAP! I was hitting my pipe right as the cameraman clicked the lighter and didn't even notice at first. Then I was like, fuck, I'm high.

What a genius, he 'discovered' that we would run out of oil? The damn commies and A-rabs gots all the oil? George Bush?

He's got my vote. I love you, Dr. John McCain.

GoneGirl - 2008-06-17

Not as crazy as hoped for. Also it made me try to answer my phone.

erratic - 2008-06-18

fuckin long-ass fmv cutscene...let me play already!

Repomancer - 2008-06-18

Plenty crazy, GG.

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