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kingarthur - 2008-07-06

I came here ready to one star this and was not only pleasantly surprised, but floored. This makes this song not only good, but great. On its own, this song is torture.

Billie_J_Buttfuck - 2008-07-06

I wanted to hate it the first time I saw it, but yeah, it's really a great mash. My five stars were specifically for the ventriloquist robot's bit.

Billy the Poet - 2009-05-18

The wolf ventriloquist rap sequence should win some sort of Nobel prize for animatronic horror.

sshrugg - 2008-07-09

Apparently this is a husband and wife that bought the animatronics stuff for cheap and started making a ton of videos in the basement. Check it out on the InterTubes. Fergie's "London Bridges" is my favorite, with the big Gorilla screamin "AW SHIT!"

Kabbage - 2012-04-21

Get a few beers in these guys and buckle up for some REAL TALK

Kabbage - 2012-04-21

2:36 is absolutely divine.

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