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ponpoko - 2008-08-01

What I saw was not about smelling dicks at all, but of hoes wanting to fuck cars with scissor doors and soft drink logo decals.

so i'll refrain from rating but shit was hyphy

zatojones - 2008-08-01

a rap song by a guy with a platinum Jesus necklace and a t-shirt that reads "Love is for suckers" singing about his soft drink themed car and how women want to have sex with it... huh

five stars even though this isn't Smell Yo Dick

godot - 2008-08-02

Missing hoes. I mean, I'm pretty sure I could find an attractive model to fornicate with my car on camera for the price of a spinning rim. Also, buy some land.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-08-02

They moved up from scraper bikes?!

sinuendo - 2008-08-03

No Shasta wagon? -2

Mr. Fiesta - 2008-08-08

crap... i tried to submit this and i couldn't, then i tried the actual video of the very talented riskay.... i'll resubmit... golly... this is Scrayper Boyz

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