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chumbucket - 2008-09-17

nature's money shot

Camonk - 2008-09-18

Uh. I don't know about you, but MY money shot wasn't made at no factory.

Charming - 2008-09-17

Pyew pyew!

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2008-09-17

Unf. Unf. Unf.

Ohhhh. Unf. Unf. Unf. Ohhh. Ohhh.


13.5 - 2008-09-17

species a. jackalit

Comeuppance - 2008-09-17

I wish there was a shockwave when /I/ came.


fluffy - 2008-09-17

That's some pretty impressive recoil.

Menudo con queso - 2008-09-17

It actually is a Money shot: "Nicholas Money, an expert on fungi at Miami University, has been playing around with very fast video. Ultra fast. As in 250,000 frames-a-second fast. He knew exactly what this kind of video was made for. To film fungi that live on dung as they discharge their spores. These tiny fungi can blast spores as far as six feet away, boosting the odds that they’ll land on a clean plant that a cow or other grazing animal may eat. The fungi develop inside the animal, get pooped out with its dung, and fire their spores once more...The fungi fire their spores up to 55 miles an hour–which translates to an acceleration of 180,000 g. Money calls it 'the fastest flight in nature.'"

More at:
http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/loom/2008/09/16/fungus-opera /
http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal. pone.0003237

Albuquerque Halsey - 2008-09-17

Hydralisk tag?

Deconvolution - 2008-09-17

This is how Zerg spore colonies actually work.

mouser - 2008-09-17

Needs tag: cum shot. It's imperative.

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