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NoCode - 2008-10-04


I love the ear-tassels.

baleen - 2008-10-04

This is the kind of "pet" that would not have a problem chewing off your cartilage if you somehow forgot to feed it one day.

Subfuscious - 2008-10-04

I suppose while the "KITTY = 5 Stars" rule should be enough, there's also the bone-destroying still-feral pet aspect, which is equally compelling.

Meerkat - 2008-10-04

I know a lady with a Caracal and it's actually really friendly. Friendlier than the lady, actually.

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-10-05

IMPORTANT RULE: Never get that close to a meat eater when it is eating meat.


halon - 2008-10-05

Needs a CATegory tag

Cube - 2008-10-05

What in the holy hell is that?

theSnake - 2008-10-05

Its cute but I would sleep with my door closed.

augias - 2008-10-05

My cat purrs when I feed it too.

5 stars for the dainty-wainties on its ears.

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