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Gunny McRifleson - 2008-10-07

Needs a Bill Duke tag.

hornung - 2008-10-08

he admitted later he stole this chorus from a children's tv show.
it's still dope.

and that's not whiteface, i think it's benicio under that wig.

OgreMkIV - 2008-10-09

Well yea, that would be a PSA telling kids not to eat pills, 'cause they're not candy:

We're not candy,
even though we look so fine and dandy!

I've thrown the video in the hopper... hope it gets voted up.

Old People - 2014-07-19

It was a 70s-era PSA warning kids about household chemicals. Little puppets of chemical containers singing:

This is serious
We could make you delirious
You should have a healthy fear of us
'Cause too much of us is dangerous

It's not stealing, it's inspiration! He took something cool and made it amazing.

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