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Xenocide - 2008-10-14


fluffy - 2008-10-14

Holy crap he's like a manic version of my cartoonist friend John Ambrosavage (who is also the lead vocalist for the band Octothorpe).

HankFinch - 2008-10-15

If you'd like to know more about my cartoonist friend John Ambrosavage or the band Octothorpe please visit your local school or public library!

Camonk - 2008-10-14

I uh... From the preview image I was pretty sure this was just a joke, made entirely from whole cloth. Apparently this guy is real? Why? Why is this guy real?

boner - 2008-10-14

Charles Nelson Reilly + Rerun = this

Miskimo - 2008-10-14

That bowtie is like a tiny body in a jumpsuit to match his beret

soci-o-path - 2008-10-14


It's ok Uncle Fred ... I still luv u xox

DopeFiend - 2008-10-14

It just wasn't very funny.

baleen - 2008-10-14

fuck u

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2009-02-09

I started shuddering at "cartoonies".

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