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chumbucket - 2008-10-30

they could have done SOOO much better with this ad, game is going to rock anyway

Emcee - 2008-10-30

Awesome. I'll tell you one thing, though, I'm going to insist on playing the old dude now.

Keefu - 2008-10-30


Doctor Frederick Odd - 2008-10-30

Bare hands.
B.a.r.e. HANDS.

Mad Struggle - 2008-10-30

He took the second amendment a bit too literally. At first, they laughed. But now, he's going to tear through those zombies with his bear arms and bear hands.

TeflonDoc - 2008-10-30

I'm going to get a bullet tattooed on each of my biceps SO THESE GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED!

Iron Xides - 2008-10-31


I would appreciate it if you'd STOP SHOOTING ME!

Mike Tyson?! - 2008-10-30

Gonna get this game right here.

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-10-30

This game looks pretty interesting. Does anybody know where I can buy it?

Anyone at all?

fatatty - 2008-10-30

Ever heard of Valve? And what comes out of a Valve? Steam.

Stog - 2008-10-30

Steam comes out of a Pipe, dontit? Unless the Valve is broken or something or there's a Hole around the Valve.

Banal Intercourse - 2008-10-30

In the absence of pipes, you can breath heavy on a really cold day.

IrishWhiskey - 2008-10-30

Sigh. I suppose I'll pick it up out of support for Chet. Just don't expect me to play it or anything.

I mean, I might, if its laying around or whatever, but you know... No biggie.

Aoi - 2008-10-30

IrishWhiskey is tsundere for Left 4 Dead.

Stog - 2008-10-30

POE Can't Aim needs to throw down some zombie bitches when the demo comes out.

Jeff Fries - 2008-10-30

Really demands a Keith David voice-over

theSnake - 2008-10-30


vissarion - 2008-10-30

Featuring Lt. Daniels from The Wire

theSnake - 2008-10-30

Sounds more like Carver to me

Meerkat - 2008-10-30

Yay, a new game for me to not play!

Ursa_minor - 2008-10-30

Valve and Double fine. Fucking Quality.
One day I will infiltrate their ranks.

And they will pay me to do stuff.

UnderANeonHalo - 2008-10-31

On my buy list after I finish fable 2, fallout 3, and spend some time with my new ukulele.

Hooper_X - 2008-10-31

On my buy list after a new video card and a new HD. Heh.

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