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robotkarateman - 2008-11-25

5 stars for Gilliam.

Rovin - 2008-11-25


*Walks away for a bit in thought. Turns around, comes back.*

I think it's something to do with free will.

Camonk - 2008-11-25

Yes, well, I am the nice one.

Aubrey McFate - 2008-11-25


coprolalia - 2008-11-25

They both touch it right away.

wtf japan - 2008-11-25

I love this movie, and this is one of my favorite bits of all time. Thanks.

Honest Abe - 2008-11-25

best ending ever

Jeriko-1 - 2008-11-26

Awesome ending, but I was never sure what Gilliam was trying to say.

Was he trying to make it so that at the end God is punishing the kid via a bit of Old Testament (You toucha the map, I killa your parents!) beatdown?

HankFinch - 2008-11-26

No, it's what God was saying earlier about free will

Lies, lies, LIES! - 2009-10-01

Exactly what my parents would have done.

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