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NewHeavenSalesman - 2009-01-16

It's pretty ironic that "Jizz In My Pants" is the top related video for this.

...actually, a competant mashup between those two songs would be pretty extraordinary.

zatojones - 2009-01-16

The chick from My Barbarian has much nicer boobs too.

fetuschrist - 2009-01-16


Camonk - 2009-01-16

It's like a Dethklock video, if Dethklok were gay.

Bone_Vulture - 2009-01-16

I can't believe this video is real. It's like someone applied modern video technology to a music genre outdated by roughly two decades. Is it certain that no freak time travel incident has happened?

Blaise - 2009-01-16

How many more websites will I have to refuse to watch this on? ... Fine ... Oh Hell, that's pretty awful.

5 Stars

Flux - 2009-01-16

I would not waste your time, sir!

charmlessman - 2009-01-16

When did Alexis Arquette switch back?

Menudo con queso - 2009-01-16

Anne Coulter?

mobius - 2009-01-16


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