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revdrew - 2009-02-12

It's the only way they'll learn.

socialist_hentai - 2009-02-12


Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2009-02-12

I wonder how this situation will resolve if I shoot this child in the testicles with my air-pressurized gun?

Huh. How 'bout that!

Camonk - 2009-02-12

Paintball enthusiasts should be everybody's parents.

kiint - 2009-02-12

that last little miserable cry of shocked pain and betrayal was particularly effective in illustrating the merits of this parenting method

Lindner - 2009-02-12

I believe he was telling the little boy that he was in fact "dead" prior to being shot.

seriouslyuguys - 2009-02-12

It looks to me like he offered the kid a chance to surrender rather than being shot at close range. The kid proceeds to shoot him three times at close range, and he responds with one well aimed shot. While I don't advocate aiming to cause pain, the kid had plenty of chance to avoid this.

athodyd - 2009-02-12

seriouslyguys you are kind of a shitty dude!

simon666 - 2009-02-13

one does not have to surrender if asked to do so at close range.

seriouslyuguys - 2009-02-15

I didn't say he had to surrender when asked, I just pointed out that he could have avoided this if he had.

Desidiosus - 2009-02-12

Back before paintball you actually had to get up and kick your kids in the nuts yourself.


Cleaner82 - 2009-02-13

Man is the toolmaking animal.

MongoMcMichael - 2009-09-06

Man is also the tool-BREAKING animal. WOKKA WOKKA!

John_hmstr - 2009-02-12

If you aren't mature enough to play paintball properly you shouldn't be playing.
This goes for both the folks in the video.

If it were me i wouldn't have even asked the kid to surrender and i wouldn't have shot only once. :-) But then again the guy was using a pump stock class marker on an indoor field so as bad as it looked, and i do feel for the kid, it was not that bad.

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2009-02-12

I am going to shoot you in the balls with a paintball gun.

Lauritz Melchior - 2009-02-12


Cleaner82 - 2009-02-12

Five for bringing out the Paintball Darwinists.

Joey The Cobra - 2009-02-13

The instant guilty turn and walk away from the father makes it.

Syd Midnight - 2009-02-13

My father and I had this bonding moment. He took the igniter out of a gas grill, handed the electrode it to me, and started pressing the trigger. Why? Because it's just a lesson you need to learn about dad.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-02-19

Those have about as much juice as a pinecone.

8bitwintermute - 2009-02-14

I feel no sympathy

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-04-19


The Mothership - 2014-07-29

Everybody in the video being an asshole = 5 stars from The Mothership.

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