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kennydra - 2009-03-12

What the hell is the point of this?

halon - 2009-03-12


HankFinch - 2009-03-12

Hits a little too close to home?

Torture the Artist - 2009-03-12

How can you not understand a drunk retard yelling a swear and falling down? The point is not exactly buried under layers of elaborate subtext here.

HURF BLURF DUH - 2009-03-12

Laughter. Gales of uproarious laughter.

Architeuthis Tux - 2009-03-12

I can see how this would be confusing.

Here, I'll attempt to explain.

The featured work, "Semi-nude party girl had a drink too many" is a modern symbolist work, and a fairly effective one at that.

The table represents, in its unwavering circularity, the modern state of endless, unundulating conformity. Its veneer surface and spindly metallic legs hint at tawdry cheapness; an entire motel of negative space limning the outline of chipped commercial driers and truckers so exhausted they pay their prostitutes to actually *sleep* with them.

Atop this precarious superstructure, this hermeneutic extrusion of implicit diesel fumes, is the personification of privilege. The contrast of her white skin bisected by black underwear, the ink forced and trapped in the skin above her coccyx, she signifies the pinnacle of what she lies upon. All its shameful dreams are bared. She negates the viewer with the bluntest, most sexual metaphor, and in her negation she collapses the entire metaphor.

And then we see it again, in slow motion.

This video expresses America like a suppurating wound.

Only 4 stars because she kept her underwear on.

simon666 - 2009-03-13

Is this like when you 1 stared the Obama Elf vid?

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face - 2009-03-13

Stick this clip in the middle of the Coffy trailer and it wouldn't look out of place

gSSEhh - 2009-03-13

I'm five-starring a four-star comment.

ashtar. - 2009-07-06

Architeuthis Tux: The next time one of my friends says something like 'why do you like poetv so much, it's just a bunch of youtube videos?' I'll refer them to your comment.

Lies, lies, LIES! - 2009-10-24

If you have to ask, you'll never know.

Robin Kestrel - 2009-10-29

The table is conformity? Yes, I suppose I could see that, if you were taking the barest prima facie glance at this masterwork.

Pillager - 2009-03-12

5 for the tramp stamp.

zatojones - 2009-03-12

yes very appropriate

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-03-13

"Tiajuana Bumpersticker"
"Tramp Stamp"

I love this shit.

Desidiosus - 2009-03-12

This is why you want a good, solid dining room table, not one of these cheapo things from a used furniture shop.

Gill_Sans - 2009-03-13

Somehow I read that as "solid gold dining room table". Which is actually pretty funny when you think about it.

B. Weed - 2009-03-12

That was quickly yanked.

svraz - 2009-03-12


sannyasin - 2009-03-12

Clearly not in defiance of gravity.

Lauritz Melchior - 2009-03-12

Gravity is POEtv's best friend, alongside cats.

futurebot - 2009-03-14



Old_Zircon - 2009-03-12

Ok, it's back and better than I expected.

The McK - 2009-03-12

This is what I thought alcohol parties were like when I was 13.

chairsforcheap - 2009-03-12

wow, i hope you don't still call them "alcohol parties"

Camonk - 2009-03-12

I say, fellows, after a rousing sock hop down to the sody shop, let's finagle our way into my parents' liquor cabinet for an alcohol party!

Architeuthis Tux - 2009-03-12

Here here! I'll buy a round of phosphates if you'll do the honors of bringing home a fresh jar of U-Bet syrup!

James Woods - 2009-03-15

I needed to comment on this video somewhere and this string was great so I'll say it here. Thank science for slow-motion.

Document - 2009-08-08

No matter how many times I come back to this video and read these threads, Camonk's comment here just kills me every time. 5 stars for you, sir.

thatonegirl - 2009-03-12

And yet I'm convinced this is an opening for some homemade porn.

The Townleybomb - 2009-03-12

This is exactly the kind of thing I like to see on here.

Magical Man from Happy-Land - 2009-03-12

The best use of slomo i've seen in a while. BRILLIANT

UnderANeonHalo - 2009-03-12

I miss going to parties.

baleen - 2009-03-12

somebody's going to wake up with leopard prints.

Ghoul - 2009-03-12

Drunk people are awesome.

Gwago - 2009-10-27

YOU'RE fcking *hic* awersome


StanleyPain - 2009-03-13

It looks like a CSI flashback or something before it cuts to her dead on the floor.

kingarthur - 2009-03-13


Hooper_X - 2009-03-13


(needs the FUCK YOU tag)

futurebot - 2009-03-14

You need to give that meme up, hooper, it's not going to catch on

sparklefatty - 2009-05-06

My favorite part of this is her whimper of pain after she says "Fuck you."

I know there is something wrong with my glee, but that's the kind of person I am.

Pillager - 2009-07-10


There's nothing wrong with that.

plug - 2009-10-29

I could skip the video and still award 5 based on the various threads. Although it is a drunk, scantily clad girl on a table, so ignore my last comment.

APE_GOD - 2009-12-03

-2 for cutting from the moaning aftermath to a simple slow motion replay of the money shot.

its all about the moaning aftermath, isn't it?

Camonk - 2010-05-11

Shut up, cunt

Repomancer - 2011-02-27

If the video wasn't worth 5 stars, the comments certainly are.

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