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Camonk - 2009-08-16

Sweet Dee's newest character is really annoying.

mashedtater - 2009-08-16

you always know JUST what to say :D

tamago - 2009-11-07

Stars for Camonk

Document - 2009-08-16

DOCUMENT'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY, ages 13 to 18: single sex school. 2000 clones of this girl. No internet. Backwoods Australia.

Seriously, I'm PTSD twitching here.

Freeman Gordon - 2009-08-16

Someone post that video thingy that plays multiple videos. I'd like hear her in multiple voices.

Keefu - 2009-08-16

http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com %2Fwatch%3Fv%3DeIfG_Oj29g0&video2=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fw atch%3Fv%3DeIfG_Oj29g0

Jesus wept

Document - 2009-08-16

You bastards.

Keefu - 2009-08-16

Watch out for spaces in the URL

simon666 - 2009-08-16

Well shit, now someone needs to screen capture videos plugged into the youtube doubler, make them one youtube video and submit them here. Wow.

Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2009-08-24

Keefu The Hague wants a word with you.

fluffy - 2009-08-28

then we can double the doubled videos

Fractal mashups!

Ashenblade - 2009-10-17

Mash it with the goat that yells like a person.

Toenails - 2009-08-16

This is what rape must feel like.

KnowFuture - 2009-08-16

This is a prelude to rape.

socialist_hentai - 2009-08-16

If I were Q... I'd teleport her to 90s Kosovo in the middle of the war.

memedumpster - 2009-08-17


mashedtater - 2009-08-16

I don't understand this skunk pelt hairstyle.

socialist_hentai - 2009-08-16

Pepe La Pew is back in style this season.

Phil - 2009-08-16

She sounds exactly like Dwayne Holloway from TFL.

Syd Midnight - 2009-08-16

She's like a retarded female Chris Crocker

Bored - 2009-08-16

True evil. True fucking evil.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-08-16

She's an ugly old woman talking about herself. Disgusting. Call me when she gets younger and hotter.

Lurchi - 2009-08-16

I lasted 10 seconds with this one. I could only manage five seconds with Boxxee.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-08-16

boxxybabee is my ideal woman, do not besmirch the good name of boxxybabee.

Pillager - 2009-08-16


I lasted 3:00

Have you considered the healing power of booze?

Desidiosus - 2009-08-16

I couldn't even make it past the bitches of YouTube. No alcohol could fix that.

Pillager - 2009-08-17

Sounds to me like you're not drinking enough.

Goethe and ernie - 2009-09-12

I'm half-cut and I lasted 44 seconds. Like having a sweaty perineum rubbed against your eyes.

Meerkat - 2009-08-16


pastorofmuppets - 2009-08-16

suggested tag: "she's talking like a black person on tv"

Are we sure this is for real?

Cleaner82 - 2009-08-16

Omigod you, you you you. You. You. So what's up with you, what's happening with you, what's the deal with you, the important thing of course is you. You, that you. That you.

Will die alone.

Severian - 2009-08-16


StanleyPain - 2009-08-16

Oh man, someone needs to make this into one of those "layer added every second" videos.

TeenerTot - 2009-08-16

I think that would cause some sort of space/time harmonic rift.

Avengingatheist - 2009-08-16

I really hope her boyfriend was banging her best friend while she filmed this.

memedumpster - 2009-08-17

God damn, Young Joan Rivers Adventures is EXACTLY like I thought it would be!

phalsebob - 2009-08-17

It is wrong to want to face punch a woman. But I'll bet she makes a lot of people's top 5 most face-punchable people.

Lauritz Melchior - 2009-08-30


pathetique - 2009-08-31


lucienpsinger - 2009-10-15

This video's like an oozing, infected wound that I keep picking at. It'll scab over and almost start healing up, but then I gotta come back and pick at it again.

exar_kun - 2010-08-29

Comparable to Hitler.

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