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Hooker - 2009-08-26

Who would be proud of this?

spikestoyiu - 2009-08-26

People who use Linux and post on Digg.


Randroid - 2009-08-27

take the offensive and argue from an ideology where ron paul eats babies

this will throw him off balance long enough for you to get in close and get your chrysknife inside his shield

Hooper_X - 2009-08-27

Roast Beef?

namtar - 2009-08-26

while[ 1 = 1]
ignore newBorn


autoplonk - 2009-08-26

I couldn't run your script. Here's a patch:


while true; do
ignore newBorn

Camonk - 2009-08-26

You couldn't do mine either
have dignity
or whatever. I honestly have no idea how linux tells you that you can't do a thing.

Man, I'm sorry. Just every linux user I've ever met has been a worthless shitsack.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-08-27

If he'd built a real robot to do this, it'd be awesome. He failed by not dreaming big. Also he failed for commenting the eject command.

charmlessman - 2009-08-26


Bindar_Dundat - 2009-08-26

Awwwww... Now he just needs to write another script to beat the child for him when it gets older.

sosage - 2009-08-26

It's the same script, just now you duct tape a tazer to the drive tray.

Stog - 2009-08-26

"Baby Charlotte (V1.0)"

God dammit.

BillFisto - 2009-08-26

Comfortingly jerky and jarring!

teethsalad - 2009-08-26

this kid will grow up to be a luddite

Pookles - 2009-08-27

Why are you all so critical of this? Everyone wins! The baby gets a nap, the adult gets a chuckle, and all of you get Linux hate-boners.

Stog - 2009-08-27

I'm mainly irritated about the bit where a parent calls their child "1.0". I can't help but think of these parents as Shadowrun LARPers taking their kid to their game for 'experience points' and drawing a bunch of fake wires all over the baby's body.

manfred - 2009-08-27

Wow, a Linux user managed to get laid. That usually happens as often as they have to reboot their system.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-08-27

are you saying that kernel hackers get laid more?

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