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Toenails - 2009-08-28

Resubmits should be done with the "Update Dead Link" function.

My God, I cannot give less than five-stars for this. My boner told me so.

Toenails - 2009-08-28

Whoops. My boner made me forget to rate it 5 stars.

mouser - 2009-08-28

I'd duck her too.

Old_Zircon - 2009-08-28

6th grade boner fuel.

fluffy - 2009-08-28

Most birds do not have a penis, but fortunately for Lea Thompson, ducks do.

marimayhem - 2009-08-28

It's better if you turn off the sound and just stare at lea thompson.

SCARY.WIZARD - 2009-08-28

That's what I usually do with videos like this.

Charming - 2009-08-28


Louis Armstrong - 2009-08-28

This scene needs a peregrine falcon attacking Howard. Lea Thompson can still be sexy with it.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2009-08-28

lol George Lucas

mouser - 2009-08-28

In the upcoming Special Edition, the duck shoots first.

manfred - 2009-08-29


I liked Lea Thompson in Red Dawn, but this scene ruined it all.

snothouse - 2009-08-28

Okay, I know the whole thing is terrible, but Howard's voice is done the most banal whitey crackerton ever.

Dr. Lobotomy - 2009-08-28

Someone should replace howard's voice track with clips of either Donald or Daffy, you know, just to push this ever further in the fucked up zone.

Vaidency - 2009-08-29

That's such a good idea I'm subtracting 2 stars from this until it is implimented.

punch drunk babies - 2009-08-29

I love how the title hints this is some sort of embarrassing tabloid video. Which is is, really.

mashedtater - 2009-08-29

i laughed at the "you're three feet taller than me! "

mashedtater - 2009-08-29

poor gary coleman

notascientist - 2009-08-29

I think ducks don't have penises.

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