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Johnny Madhouse - 2009-09-18


Camonk - 2009-09-18

Say what you will about Victor von Doom, he's done wonders for the arts over there.

Gayperson - 2009-09-19

well, i guess i'd fuck it.

memedumpster - 2009-09-19

Every deep space mission needs a clone of this person.

Poor Excuse - 2009-09-19

Macaulay Culkin can really bust out a groove nowadays.

MrBuddy - 2009-09-19

He's kind of like a... glam rock/disco version of Macaulay Culkin. Either that or Koori never told Hawk about their gay son she sent back in time 500 years to Earth.

phalsebob - 2009-09-19

Spaceman? Looks a lot like Merlin from that movie. You know which one.

urbanelf - 2009-09-19

Good to know Hawk found work after Buck Rogers ended.

Iakchos - 2009-09-19

Unfortunately, he's from much less exotic Russia.

Fun fact: roughly half of the videos on poeTV featuring something from Eastern Europe have the wrong country in the description. Not that I care about it.

baumer - 2009-09-19

I was going off of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitas

Iakchos - 2009-09-19

He was born in Latvia, but has a Russian birth name, sings in Russian and is referred to as a "Russian pop singer".

Let's say we were both right then, though my comment was perhaps unnecessarily authoritative and peevish. Hell, he's from SPACE anyway.

baumer - 2009-09-19

how DARE you be conciliatory

don't you know ANYTHING

adding russia tag

StanleyPain - 2009-09-19

This looks like a level from Bust A Groove...

phydeaux - 2009-09-19

Background music playing in a restaurant trying to class up

kennydra - 2009-09-19

that other video with him in that opera is way more awesomer. i dunno if its on here though. dude music is awful but amazing voice anyway.

kennydra - 2009-09-19


That guy - 2010-04-03

That lead singer must get crazy amounts of pussy. Seriously!!

eatenmyeyes - 2010-09-04

not sure what's happening here...

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