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Jefka - 2009-10-14

Maher really came out of this looking like a jackass.

chumbucket - 2009-10-14

wow when does that ever happen?

baleen - 2009-10-14

I know right.

zatojones - 2009-10-14

You "don't think so", Bill, but then again that's why you don't have to go to college to be a smarmy TV pundit but you do have to go to be a doctor

jaunch - 2009-10-14

Bill Maher is absolute proof that just because someone is an atheist, it doesn't make them smart. Maher is a braying jackass when it comes to vaccines. He honestly thinks that viruses can be cured by eliminating "toxins" and that "western medicine" isn't always the answer. What an ignorant asshole.

Full disclosure: I am an atheist, and I plan to get the h1n1 vaccine with it comes to my area. I also plan to cough in Maher's face should I ever meet him in real life.

Jefka - 2009-10-14

He's like that with a lot of things. I remember some interview from years ago where he was talking about having his mercury amalgam dental fillings removed.

StanleyPain - 2009-10-14

No one is schooling anyone on anything in this clip. Frist might have words that make some logical sense coming out of his mouth, but those words are light years away in sentiment from the man they are coming from. He is not a good doctor, he is not a sane, intelligent voice in the debate. He is a GOP asshat whose moderate views on on the healthcare bill have made people forget what a shit he really is. If nothing else, he was one of the many who exploited the Terry Schiavo case for cheap political points. Apparently medical science wasn't to be listened to on THAT occasion. If Obama himself were somehow personally responsible for the H1N1 vaccination program in some way, you can be damn sure this guy would be out there talking about how "suspicion is good."
He has also been one of main figures in opposing sex education, condom programs, and anything having to do with contraception or abortion citing "abstinence" as the only true way to prevent STDs, and has campaigned on phony, made up stats about how "condoms don't help at all."
And that's just health-related issues. That's great if you dislike Maher, but all the people now suddenly hitching their wagon to Frist because "OH COOL HE TOTALLY SAID SOMETHING AT SOMEONE I DISAGREE WITH" need a serious reality check.

Xenocide - 2009-10-14

Broken clock.

RockBolt - 2009-10-14

I don't think anyone here is going to be joining the Bill Frist fan club, I just find this an amazing bizarro world chapter in the ever more absurd antivax debate

Hooker - 2009-10-14

Who is "hitching their wagon" on Bill Frist?

Xenocide - 2009-10-14

You'll need some Bill Frists if you want to make it to Oregon.

There are three Bill Frists in a yoke. I recommend at least three yoke.

Syd Midnight - 2009-10-14


athodyd - 2009-10-16

He is in fact a good doctor. They don't led bad doctors be heart and lung transplant specialists, and in 2003 in Florida he stopped to perform first aid at a car accident until the paramedics arrived.

He may not be an ethical doctor, and he's not a good Senator, but it's not like I would knock the scalpel out of his hands if he was trying to fix my dad's heart valve.

manfred - 2009-10-14

TV Host/Comedian Maher has important, well documented opinions about epidemiology and vaccination!

Xenocide - 2009-10-14

Seriously, Bill? Your best shot is a quote from fifty years ago? In a field where a citation from five years ago would be considered grossly outdated?

James Woods - 2009-10-14

Bill just proves that even a complete moron can tell that organized religion is bullshit. To bad he's made a religion out of his atheism.

bac - 2009-10-14

His atheism? He made a religion out of it you say? I was not aware Bill Maher had his own registered brand of atheism. I also was unaware that agreeing with somebody who has an opinion now means you're a religious follower.


James Woods - 2009-10-14

Uh, you can be a religious atheist. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what religion is.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-10-14

Let's limit the r-word to belief systems that involve the supernatural, it just makes things way easier. Also less minds will be blown.

James Woods - 2009-10-14

Yeah, you're right. Sorry bac. Are you ok?

poorwill - 2009-10-14

You can be an atheist who believes in the supernatural too! You could totally not believe there is a god because the leprecauns said it was all bullshit. Just sayin'!

fatatty - 2009-10-14

I like Bill Maher because he's one of the only liberal commentator with any balls and isn't ashamed to be considered liberal. That said, he does have some wacky views on medicine and health and is often a huge douche.

But still he will never reach the douche levels attained on a daily basis by Hannity, Rush, O'Reilly and Beck. And at least the left's douche bag is funny.

Hooker - 2009-10-14

Nope. I don't watch Bill Maher and even I know he's one of those douches that proclaims himself a libertarian.

fatatty - 2009-10-14

Shit you're right. His only libertarian position is legalizing pot. What a douche.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2009-10-15

The only Maher segment I can sit through is "New Rules."

My biggest complaint is he never lets anyone finish a damn sentence unless he agrees with them. If I wanted that kind of crap I'd watch Fox News.

Well, I wouldn't, but you get the idea...

Walt Henderson - 2009-10-14

Fuck anti-vaccers, and fuck Bill Maher for publicizing such dangerously stupid views.

PegLegPete - 2009-10-14

My mom and I talked briefly about the vaccination issue. Shes with Bill Maher in this case. Her and people like her seem to think that because H1N1 "hasn't killed that many people" and because it's "just another influenza virus" that somehow it is mostly harmless and will go away.

And then the ignorant notion that vaccines cause the illness they claim to prevent is sometimes part of that, usually with people who use "alternative" methods to deal with their illnesses. My mother for example had Limes disease and claims she was almost killed by the doctor prescribing her too much anti-biotics.

Her disease is currently in remission and I don't know the finer details of the story, but the point is a lot of people who feel they have been wronged, have been wronged, or know people that have been wronged by modern medicine tend to dismiss a lot of what doctors say.

A peer-reviewed medical journal is hard as fuck to beat. One of the better points is that H1N1 hits young people harder than anything doctors have seen thus far, that alone is incredibly significant. Moreover if we don't eliminate it now it could mutate into something far more serious.

Pillager - 2009-10-14

"A peer-reviewed medical journal is hard as fuck to beat."

Unless you're arguing with a anti vaccine type who believes the gov't was bought off/covering up the vaccine makers tracks.

I work in a hospital with a woman who refuses get vaccinated versus the regular flu, let alone the swine flu. They kinda gloss over Wakefield faking his data...


Ashenblade - 2009-10-14

Reading the first line of the posted story shows that it has fuckall to do with the flu, H1N1, or adult-age vaccinations.

memedumpster - 2009-10-14

I don't know if he was actually "schooled" in anything in this video, but Bill Maher did school me once in a very important concept : That calling yourself "liberal" or "conservative" is irrelevant. If nothing else, this man goes a long way towards showing that partisan distinctions are erroneous and foster a climate of personal ignorance and self destructive revenge motivated "morality" for no greater purpose than that of gladiatorial spectacle for the sake of feeling good when the other side fails everyone equally.

He has no idea he shows these things, but that's okay, so long as these things are shown.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-10-14

Also he is a mediocre stand-up at best.

The schooling here is made possible by science, which is basically institutionalized bullshit detection. Politics slides right off it like poo flung at a whiteboard.

Secret Messiah - 2009-10-14

I like how Bill Maher almost asked near the end "But why do we get Cancer anyways". Doesn't know how cancer works, but is giving you advice on your immune system. I hope he gets Swine Flu.

namtar - 2009-10-14

Has Maher ever been funny? In every show I've ever seen him he's just a huge smarmy dick uttering stale non-jokes.

On top of it all though, he's a huge dick who's also endangering people's lives with his bad advice. If there's any justice in the world he'll come down with a severe case of swine flu.

SteamPoweredKleenex - 2009-10-15

He's got okay delivery when he's reading scripted material, but he's pretty much in "Dennis Miller asshole" territory, but without the obscure references.

pastorofmuppets - 2009-10-15

I've also never seen him where he wasn't being a petulant asshole.

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