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Cube - 2009-11-28

This was recorded with a mic from the speakers. Even though it's a Windows (or Mac) program. And practically all sound cards support recording the output internally.

Makes you think.

Bacon_Lung - 2009-11-28

yes. it makes me think this sucks. sucks like a vietnamese hooker on a friday night.
maybe not one of the young, good looking hookers, but one thats been around the block a few times. She knows the score, and is jaded enough to realize that you're not going to fall in love with her, take her back to america to pump out miscegenated, spoiled children that hate ethnic food and will go to stanford and vote republican.

poorwill - 2009-11-28

Unfunny post. Trying to hard.

oogaBooga - 2009-11-28

who is this bacon lung character?

RocketBlender - 2009-11-28

Way too much effort, resulting in tl;dr. Lurk moar, then post, kthx.

(Sorry guys, wanted to be sure he'd understand me.)

Sudan no1 - 2009-11-28

no no no if we encourage people to upload these they'll never ever stop

RocketBlender - 2009-11-28

I'm on a bandwagon!

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