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Johnny Madhouse - 2009-12-17

So... is that the entire Irish Parliament?

KnowFuture - 2009-12-17

Ah, Ireland, the country that keeps it real.

KillerGazebo - 2009-12-17

This man just won the Irish national award for excellence in the field of unparliamentary language. Incidentally, the speaker of the house also won the Irish national award for most parliamentary use of a cowbell. Also, the Irish parliament itself won the award for most hilariously underpopulated parliament in the British Isles.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2009-12-17

Stay classy, Ireland.

Frank Rizzo - 2009-12-17


Smellvin - 2009-12-17

I'm just amazed that this is unusual enough to make it to YouTube. I figured that Irish parliament would be like this all the time.

(I'll imagine that the rest of this session was spend drunkenly arguing about potatoes followed by a fist fight).

zatojones - 2009-12-17

most unparliamentary but most Irish

minimalist - 2009-12-17

*ding* The point is! *ding!* The point is! *ding* The point is!

I could listen to that on a loop all day.

James Woods - 2009-12-17

That really is a charming bit of data.

j lzrd / swift idiot - 2009-12-17


pastorofmuppets - 2009-12-17

"Others"? Just say Poland and be done with it.

memedumpster - 2009-12-17


Innocent Bystander - 2009-12-17

We're scrood as a cuntry!

chumbucket - 2009-12-17

every time the bell rings an irishman falls in his own pee

Konversekid - 2009-12-17

Is this a joke?

:46 makes this for me.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2009-12-17

Man, and ireland isnt even doing nearly as shitty as a lot of other places.

Broose182 - 2009-12-18

That IS most unparliamentary language, but FUCK YOU Deputy Fag!

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