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pastorofmuppets - 2009-12-16

Do I give stars to people who constantly remind me why I hate my country? Is that how this works?

simon666 - 2009-12-16

I appreciate Maddow's critique of the Bush Doctrine, particularly on it's radical nature as policy, as well as her analysis of the CIA acting as an unaccountable 5th arm of the armed forces. However, she misses the moral responsibility we have in Afghanistan. If she is going to read into Obama's decisions (7:20, Obama not speaking "bluntly" about Pakistan...), she should also read into the moral imperatives for staying in Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from regaining control, a situation that will lead to a brutal oppression of a people (if you haven't seen a woman being stoned to death, I suggest looking it up), and an environment that allows groups such as Al Qaeda to function.

Certainly there are other places where such brutality occurs, I would counter this simply by saying we are not in any of those places, we are, however, in Afghanistan.

Also, we could very well be fighting with the CIA in Pakistan for reasons that are politically viable to the Pakistani government. I can't imagine it would go over well if the government said "oh yeah the US is in Pakistan fighting a war, it's cool." At least with CIA the Pakistani government can criticize it.

Overall, Maddow critique of policy is totally legitimate.

simon666 - 2009-12-16

Third paragraph, second sentence should read:

I can't imagine it would go over well if the PAKISTANI government said...

James Woods - 2009-12-17

Why can't you guys just be nice? C'mon guys stop kicking the hornets nest. It's cold up here right now, so we're just trying to cuddle up real nice and live happy lives. Stop poking our sandy neighbors, k? Obama seems like a great guy. One of you should tell him to stick to the campaign stuff cause that stuff seemed pretty golden. Here in Canada we have a saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it", so why all of these changes I can't actually believe in? :( Protest or something.

garcet71283 - 2009-12-17

Call when your nation is expected to do more than share a border with the US.

James Woods - 2009-12-17

Like provide sanctuary for your slaves and war refugees? I'll have you know my country is also in Afghanistan, and POTUS is putting a lot of pressure on us to send more of my brothers and friends to the war machine jamboree, so forgive me for my hypocrisy. Our guy's being a subordinate piece of cheese just the same.

memedumpster - 2009-12-17

Once California fails and we run out of water and farmland, expect America to launch an invasion of Canada. Were I you guys, I'd beef up my military, we're coming and we wont take prisoners.

I'm not joking.

memedumpster - 2009-12-17

Laaaaaaaaaaaame duuuuuuuuuuuck, if we're lucky. Otherwise, foreign children will grow up despising both of our political parties equally.

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