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splatterbabble - 2010-04-23

The roads must roll!

tmavomodry - 2010-04-23

interesting idea

Urkel Forever - 2010-04-23

What could possibly go wrong?

unknown rebel - 2010-04-23

Obviously it explodes if it drops below 55mph.

Charles - 2010-04-23

So close to being a dupe.

Jellyneck - 2010-04-23

are you just fucking with me now?

Camonk - 2010-04-23

So you nerdballs are now pointing out when videos are KIND OF LIKE DUPES?

Get a less cuntish hobby, fags.

Evilhead - 2010-04-23

um it's a dupe, just happens to be a few extra chinese characters in the other one

The Mothership - 2010-04-23


unknown rebel - 2010-04-23

smearing my nerdballs allover this red hot thread

fatatty - 2010-04-23

The original is better for the sole reason that we finally find out baleen's long hidden secret of being totally emo.

Charles - 2010-04-23

Haa wow I'm a silly bastard. Mothership, thanks for posting the REAL dupe.

And Camonk: Imagine 2 videos, submitted mere days apart, about the same exact thing, showing the same exact footage, but (maybe) in different orders, and linking to two different youtube pages. The newer one offers absolutely nothing new, even though it *is* different. One of these two videos is a dupe. Do you disagree?

Dr. Lobotomy - 2010-04-23

So if the number of people wanting to get off exceeds the capacity of that little detachable shuttle... Jump off and try to roll?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2010-04-23


ProfessorChaos - 2010-04-23

Take it easy, there, Rosie

nemeses9 - 2010-04-25

Wow, you got it 100% accurate.

pineapplejuicer - 2010-04-23

people all over the world...join hands...start a rape train, rape train

kingofthenothing - 2010-04-23

I predict that in Fallout 5: Tokyo Terror, you will have to use the never stop train to ram into the heart of the Mega Behemoth Komodo Dragon.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-04-23

But what if people need to get out of the bottom train? Clearly a third train is needed.

charmlessman - 2010-04-23

It seems China has finally figured out what the reverb effects processors they build and export are for.

kennydra - 2010-04-23

this is a dupe but i like this description better. 5 stars for the description.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-04-23

Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. This is in fact the rape train.

unknown rebel - 2010-04-23

I like to think it uses giant electromagnets to draw the top carriage in and out. That and blank all your porn from your HDD whilst attracting shrapnel at 200mph.

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