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StanleyPain - 2010-05-31

*bong hits*

voodoo_pork - 2010-06-01


Udderdude - 2010-05-31

"The result is a mesmerizing flow of images that pass between abstract and representational, chaotic and ordered."

Way to blow your own horn.

HarrietTubmanPI - 2010-05-31

For something that was done frame by frame for 4 years, I was expecting something like Kings of Power. This wasn't as good.

I imagine a Frong is a Frog but with more jazz hands.

Udderdude - 2010-05-31

Yeah, this is more like an endless parade of shit you'd see scribbled on someone's highschool notebook, morphing into eachother.

Mike Tyson?! - 2010-05-31

A lot of this was clearly edited together in software. Why did it take four years?

Potrod - 2010-05-31

Maybe he worked on it for a half hour every couple weeks? Still a waste of time. And yeah, "done by hand" my ass.

Even though I made a mistake of giving this 3 stars, don't be afraid to give it less.

fluffy - 2010-06-01

His claim isn't that it's "done by hand" like on paper, but that it was done by modifying a Photoshop image a little bit at a time. I can see how that could be the case. The end result is no more impressive for it, though.

egglab - 2010-06-01


memedumpster - 2010-05-31

Kai's Power Frong.

bopeton - 2010-05-31

Seems repetitive, and running the cycle backwards multiple times is cheating and just time-filler.

lustygoat - 2010-05-31

this is a terrible animation, and spending 4 years on it is insane

5 stars I guess

Meerkat - 2010-05-31

I liked it OK, but man if I was gonna draw something for 4 years it better have tits.

fluffy - 2010-05-31

Cyriak does it better, faster

Ursa_minor - 2010-06-01

Dear god.

tmavomodry - 2010-06-01


Sputum - 2010-06-01

Why is it that stoner's seem to really like seeing stuff turn into other stuff?

MrBuddy - 2010-06-01

I've often wondered that myself. As experimental animation goes it's fairly good, just a little too psychedelic for my taste.

Maggot Brain - 2010-06-01

I get it! This is an extremely high concept Frogger and TRON crossover.

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