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FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2010-06-11

Come on, man. He was arguably brown (as such), but he clearly had a brown person name. It's basic self-defense.

The Faghorn - 2010-06-11

Israel has a right to defend itself from the unarmed citizens it boarded and then stomped while on the ground.

Toenails - 2010-06-11

http://warincontext.org/2010/06/10/an-execution-style-shooting-on- the-mavi-marmara/

"I have now located earlier footage from Turkey’s Cihan News Agency from which the Furkan video was compiled. It is now apparent that due to some “creative” editing, the sequence of actions in the Furkan video are not those of the actual timeline. Still, we do know from autopsy results that several of those who died were shot at close range and such a killing may indeed be shown in this video."

So what are we looking at here? Is this how Furkan died then? Or did someone just use this footage to put the commandos in a bad light?

StanleyPain - 2010-06-11

regardless of anything in this video, the guy was shot 5 times, once in the back of the head. I think that pretty much says it all, video or no.l

The Faghorn - 2010-06-11

We don't know the whole story. He could have had a pocket knife, or maybe a menacing wooden spoon.

memedumpster - 2010-06-11

So, they were just doing a little dance, minding their own business, and then one of them saw a sea monster and shot it to save us all. Wait, no, the one who shot the gun is Furkan, and that's why his death is justified, look at how bad ass armed he was. No wonder Israel is scared all the time, their enemies dress like evil hard asses. I'm not making fun of the possibility that this is just some completely other footage, or edited out of place footage, but even if it is, it still looks like something unusual is going on. That would make it "Israelis being questionable" stock footage.

Pillager - 2010-06-11


It's A-Ok when we do it!

Hay Belly - 2010-06-11

This is really from a Negativland video, isn't it?

mantang0 - 2010-06-11


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