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baleen - 2010-06-29

I loved this movie. Alex Jones and Ethan Hawke being in it gave it a wonderful nightmarish quality for me.

fluffy - 2010-06-30

This scene wasn't actually part of the movie.

endlesschris - 2010-06-29

Oh wow, how can anyone watch this show? The neverending laugh track made me want to murder someone.

fluffy - 2010-06-30

What's even worse is that the laugh track is an actual studio audience with very poor taste in humor.

heyitslozeau - 2010-06-30


chumbucket - 2010-06-30

pausing during the various transformations makes this endlessly entertaining

giygusattack - 2010-06-30

5 stars for making "The Big Bang Theory" infinitely more interesting.

-1 for leaving in too much "Big Bang Theory".

memedumpster - 2010-06-30

5 for you, because you were reminded of the same stuff I was reminded of, meaning you have the other half of the Soul Warrior Locket given to me by God. Now, we must go forth and slaughter the unbelievers.

oddeye - 2014-05-29

Fuck this shit show based on kids comics and stuff no one over the age of 4 should like. No wonder it's loved by man-babies the world over.

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