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Comeuppance - 2010-07-15

This has to be parody.
Let me just circle that.

kennydra - 2010-07-15

the circling, the arrows, the pointing out of the incorrect spelling of flared, it can only be parody.

astropod five - 2010-07-15

crudely drawn penis

oddeye - 2010-07-15

Good Trolling

phalsebob - 2010-07-15

This clip made me wonder if he is trolling or not, but if he is he is certainly putting serious effort into the whole thing.

poorwill - 2010-07-15

100% sure it's parody, but as always the joke is that it's really, really hard to tell.

kingofthenothing - 2010-07-15

Why do I get the feeling I'm watching an episode of Home Movies?

StanleyPain - 2010-07-15

This is funny, but it's IMPOSSIBLE to actually satirize creationism because the actual beliefs ARE this fucking dumb.

In fact, the rib cage thing I have heard before.

Toenails - 2010-07-15

Five for telling me what I was thinking while I was watching:

"I'm sure some creationist has already latched onto this flimsy explanation on why evolution is wrong."

facek - 2010-07-15

Can I get a Woot or twenty for Poe's Law?

pastorofmuppets - 2010-07-15

http://www.biblestudy.org/basicart/how-evil-was-the-world-before-t he-flood.html

They use the damage to the neanderthal skeletons to make a point about how violent humans were before the flood (but conveniently ignore the possibility that dinosaurs did it).

StanleyPain - 2010-07-16

To be fair, the rib cage argument thing actually originates elsewhere. It was originally part of a series of arguments put forth by a few fringe anthropologists that it proved humans and their immediate ancestors were actually not evolved from apes, but from some other mysterious lineage of ape-like creature that preferred living in and around water, thus tying into the "aquatic ape hypothesis."

Of course, any scientist who researcher who disagrees with anything relating to evolution (even if it's a minor thing and they still believe in darwinian theory) pretty much immediately has their ideas stolen by creationists and quote mined to fuel more bullshit.

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