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RocketBlender - 2010-07-17

ANY other video and I would have one starred it for the music. It works here.

freedoom - 2010-07-17

I have an axe if they really want to be apart that badly.

mouser - 2010-07-17

Tell that to Abby and Brittany.

freedoom - 2010-07-17

I think i'd need a saw for those two, they are much bigger than a turtle.

fedex - 2010-07-17

stars for "so much chelonian rage"

Spike Jonez - 2010-07-17

Can't wait for it to be a linked tag.

freedoom - 2010-07-18

Check the hopper.

Dicknuts - 2010-07-17

Jeeze, the youtube comments gave me a headache and I only read two of them.

balistic - 2010-07-18

conjoined turtles fighting amongst themselves

zompus - 2010-07-20

"I'm ready!" "I'M NOT READY"

zompus - 2010-07-20

Oops stars

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