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Spoonybard - 2010-07-26

Philosophers have to train themselves to think outside the conventions of society. Popular ones, like Singer, have to be politically minded as well in order to continue being heard; knowing how to handle a crowd and when it may be expedient not to go down certain paths, or even when to draw inconsistent conclusions from their own work in order to avoid making particularly inflammatory claims, is an important survival skill for someone whose ultimate goal is to change minds by the hundreds of millions. Historically, the ones who can't or won't compromise their message end up discredited in the minds of the public, in prison, or worse.

The continuing effort to spread the free expression of ideas, and encourage those who would hear them to be more rigorous in rationally testing them against the ideas they've heard already, is probably the most important human endeavor of the past few centuries.

That said, receiving oral sex from your dog is kind of weird.

Scynne - 2010-07-26

You've clearly never tried it.

Hooker - 2010-07-26

Translation: no joking about things ever. All conversation must be missionary position.

Document - 2010-07-27

god damn it Hooker, are you ever funny or interesting? Every single post I read from you feels like triazolam for my fucking SOUL

Dr Dim - 2010-07-26

The ABC, for all its smug tweediness, is actually a very good thing.

Spoonybard - 2010-07-26

Oh, and Senator Helen Coonan sure comes off as an insipid ditz who is overly eager to stress how amicably scandalized she is to hear of this practice and emphatically state that, upon consideration, she is not going to have sex with her two golden retrievers

I mean she came up with "that gives a whole new meaning to DOGGY STYLE!" as soon as the subject arose, and then thought it worth interrupting to toss it in at the first hint of a straight line

That said, slapping her and scolding her with your eyes until she looks away would be wrong

Dread Pirate Roberts - 2010-07-26

Would have been a five star vid, but the prudes ruined it all. They wouldn't stop interrupting.

I'm not personally for this kind of behavior, but if it's not hurting or forcing anyone or anything, and it's become a mutual behavior for the person and their companion/pet, then who's to care really? It may not be normal, but who defines normal, and who has a right to say anything is wrong.

I bet you there were at least three Adult-Babies in that audience, and probably at least several Dom/Dominatrixs, and likely even someone who can only get off when rubbing it on someone's foot.

Everyone has their own different way of approaching sexuality, and being an important part of physiological health, and mental health, I don't see a problem letting these minority of people have their dog lick their naughty bits when they want. It's not like they're spreading them in public to let them chow down or anything. This is a private bedroom thing, so... go for it, as long as you aren't hurting or forcing the animal.

twinkieafternoon - 2010-07-26

Dog-oral isn't a joke; it's a survival instinct down under. In Australia, it's good to include your dog during sex just in case the giant spiders from your bedroom or kitchen attack and your naked and defenseless.

fatatty - 2010-07-26

I love the sense that these people can't condone or even consider the moral ambiguity of this question without feeling like they're implicitly saying that they would perform these acts.

"Do you think this is morally reprehensible behavior?"


papa_november - 2010-07-27

Peter Singer is a piece of shit. That is all.

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