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Frank Rizzo - 2010-08-05

I think I heard "dude you ok!?"!!!!

duck&cover - 2010-08-05

That's not the way I remember playing Red Rover.

Sivak - 2010-08-05

Neither does he.

kingarthur - 2010-08-05


Meatsack Jones - 2010-08-05

*snort* :D

memedumpster - 2010-08-05


happninmojo - 2010-08-05

Did he just get super amped and run into the wall or did the two guys who look pretty skinny run a Legion of Doom/Natural Disasters style double clothesline on him?

kingarthur - 2010-08-06

If you look closely, they raise their arms at the last minute, letting the poor kid run smack into the wall.

ogmisce - 2010-08-05

awesome first second or second and a half

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