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baleen - 2010-08-10

Loader image.

IrishWhiskey - 2010-08-10

Two thumbs up for the choice of music. Which will be transformed into Devil-Jew Stars by the Ashkenazi.

wtf japan - 2010-08-10

We should all just marry nice Jewish girls and send our excess Shiksas to China. That way, all of our children will be reptilian overlords and we won't have to worry about Chinese supremacy anymore. Problems + Problems = Solutions!

Zarathustra00 - 2010-08-10

I'm on board for this plan.


Dicknuts - 2010-08-10

I have an unbelievably huge crush on a Jewish girl right now and it's driving me crazy. So, I'm on board here.

Cat_Mech - 2010-08-10

Seriously, when you get her alone, pretend to be filming yourself on your cell phone talking about how there is no greater rush than bedding one of the reptilian overlords.

Severian - 2010-08-10

It Is Very Annoying To Try To Read Stuff Wherein Every Word Is Capitalized.

erratic - 2010-08-10

I can has Human Instrumentality Project?

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