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Aelric - 2010-09-22

I'm happy this got past the hopper. I was afraid that I liked it more than anyone else would sue to it being friends of mine.

Rovin - 2010-09-22

In defense of my down vote, when the vid got to the point it wasn't bad, but it seemed like half of it was doofy, tedious introductions of the cast. Had they cut that shit down or out it'd been an up vote from me.

dickshapedfood - 2010-09-22

Taking your advice Rovin, I skipped the first minute or so. Pretty good.

memedumpster - 2010-09-22

You didn't tell your friends what we do here, did you, or that having a vid here means they are hipsters for life now? I am five starring how evil you are as a friend.

Aelric - 2010-09-22

I didn't know they made this video until last week. I knew they had aspirations to make comedy videos and I had even joined in previous efforts in years gone past, though I am not in this one despite wishing I were for old camaraderie's sake. I submitted this partially to test my own sense of humor and to see if they could be considered funny to a wider audience and not be misconstrued as simply being shock humor. Everyone in this video I've known for over ten years and I figured that perhaps I just think it's funny because, well, I've known them a long time and there are silly inside jokes in this I thought perhaps only I would find funny. I've told them all about this, though they don't come here hopefully your comments will encourage them or criticize them in the right ways. I hope they make more, though this itself is a few months old, apparently. I hope it grows and they make something great out of it. That said, they need some public input, thus, I submitted it here, the what I consider more discerning tastes that youtube comments.

Wow, I really didn't intend to write a novel in my comments, but whatever.

Rovin - 2010-09-22

Yeah I figured if they were your friends they'd either read the comments here or you'd pass them on, so I figured I'd give some constructive comments on it. Or, at least, I hope they're taken as being constructive.

chumbucket - 2010-09-22

I approve, please continue

themilkshark - 2010-09-22

Learn to record audio.

theSnake - 2010-09-22

-2 stars for the 2 minute intro

Robin Kestrel - 2010-09-22

Yeah, start it at two and it sort of works.

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