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lordpotato - 2010-11-30

Don't forget to cup the bwals.

Stopheles - 2010-11-30

The sole tag.

Raggamuffin - 2010-12-01

I would agree with you, but I am unconvinced they aren't gypsy tricksters.

twinkieafternoon - 2010-11-30

This is...insufferable.

freedoom - 2010-11-30

What's a neo-renfair?

This just sounds like they have a broken synthesizer.

Raggamuffin - 2010-12-01

I believe that was the posters way of making fun of the kids shirt.

The Hierophant - 2010-11-30

Is that older Pete from Pete and Pete? Fucking threw his life away.

kennydra - 2010-11-30

breaking news: guy badly freakdances with vacuum cleaner attachment

bias - 2010-11-30

sounds like the soundtrack to lex

chairsforcheap - 2010-11-30

i love how much you guys on poetv don't actually understand what a hipster is.

Squeamish - 2010-11-30

That's a very hipster thing to say, Chairs.

Old_Zircon - 2010-12-01

Both of these are true.

sakalak - 2010-12-01

No. Just the latter claim.

sakalak - 2010-12-01

Er, the former.

Jesus, I'm fucking things up left and right this eve.


baleen - 2010-12-01

A hipster is anybody who is not fat and wears weird clothes, and makes things that are not of the highest fidelity. That's what I've gathered from this website.

Urkel Forever - 2010-12-01

baleen has outed himself as a hipster.

memedumpster - 2010-12-01


Raggamuffin - 2010-12-01

So far as I can tell, the only person in a given room who isn't a hipster is the person calling other people hipsters.

cognitivedissonance - 2010-12-01

Fat hipsters are enormously common. Open your damn eyes.

FABIO - 2010-12-01

While the title is incorrect (what hipster wears a popped collar?), god damn what is it with you people showing up in every video? No one gets this defensive when bros are brought up.

spikestoyiu - 2010-12-01

Honestly, I don't think the "bro" label is thrown around as often and as freely as "hipster", at least not here on ol' POE.

Ghoul - 2010-12-01

Like pornography, you know it when you see it.

memedumpster - 2010-12-01

Bros can also be kind, compassionate, productive members of society.

sakalak - 2010-12-01

Er, actually, the former.

Cube - 2010-12-01

There was a parody of this kind of thing on King of The Hill a couple of years ago, I didn't know they were THAT spot on.

Anagramother - 2012-06-17

I know this guy personally, he's really into this stuff all the time it's hard to put up with

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