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Xenocide - 2011-01-14

Not shooting congressmen is a tradition now? I always thought it was more of a folk custom, like painting eyes on your barn to ward off ghosts.

TinManic - 2011-01-14

It hadn't occurred to me how common political assassination was in the States. You guys are insane! Five stars for that list that just kept going.

Supahfly - 2011-01-14

Yeah that he listed them like that was amazing.

Bort - 2011-01-14

I could almost give Tea Party guy a pass on how there haven't been many assassinations in the past 20 years, except that has more to do with the Secret Service than a peaceful society.

This is not to say the Son of Jud did well with the questions that followed.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2011-01-14

Christ, how many Tea Party founders are there?

mashedtater - 2011-01-14

how many of them does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Vaidency - 2011-01-14

How many of them does it take to screw a country?

pastorofmuppets - 2011-01-14

one to make it into a spotlight
one to turn it on
one to charge admission to the small circle of light on the floor

a hundred million to bitch about how much better it was when everything was dark

phalsebob - 2011-01-14

Ignorant menchildren and womenchildren should stick with anime and cosplay conventions.

kamlem - 2011-01-14

2:23 vs 4:46

Siebenstein - 2011-01-14


TheSupafly - 2011-01-14

This is sort of an unfair attack sequence set up to make this guy look bad, but I hate the tea party so he probably deserved it.

Nikon - 2011-01-14

Agreed. The guy wasn't prepared (he forgot to bring his gun to the interview.)

Bort - 2011-01-14

See kamlem's point about how the guy contradicts himself. I might consider feeling bad for him if he weren't a worthless liar.

Anaxagoras - 2011-01-14

Re-watch the clip carefully. The tea party guy brought up the topics that Matthews skewers him with. The only thing that seems to have been set-up ahead of time was that Matthews thoroughly prepared for the interview, while the Tea Party guy was thoroughly ignorant.

joelkazoo - 2011-01-14

Amazing. They talk about how reporters hand interviewees a shovel to dig their own grave, this guy brought his own!

threads - 2011-01-14

I can't believe he threw George Lincoln Rockwell in there.

Stopheles - 2011-01-14

I wasn't listening as carefully as I could have been, but did Matthews mention Reagan?

memedumpster - 2011-01-14

Terrorist politician.

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