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mouser - 2011-02-28

Didn't really stave it off didn't it?

augias - 2011-02-28

No, you cannot stave off the mangy fox. It's far too allegorical

La Loco - 2011-02-28

Can I has unexpected guests?

simon666 - 2011-02-28

Fat, indoor, lazy cat realizes it can ignore the fox and just go inside to where wet food shows up.

bongoprophet - 2011-02-28


"Lo! The quick pyjamaed cat buzzsaws off a mangy starving fox"

bongoprophet - 2011-02-28

(pangram challenge)

bring it.

Charles - 2011-03-01

You win.

Mother_Puncher - 2011-02-28

Fox is just hungry. Fat cat feels the need to fight off the poor, starving fox from eating food it doesn't want until it gets fed up with being out in the heat and goes in, mocking the fox for risking its neck for table scraps while the cat gaits into it's home for an abundance of fresh food. The fox is happy for it's small victory and enjoys the fruits of his labor not knowing the cat allowed him to win.

split tail - 2011-02-28

well thank you; thank you very much. I was obviously starving; and you were obviously not; thank you, thank you ... you fat SOB....

Tom Collins - 2011-02-28

"I didn't want it anyway"

Meerkat - 2011-02-28

Fox is not mangy, fox is molting. Fox probably just gave birth to fox kits and wants to feed 'em.

Also has earmites.

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