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The Mothership - 2011-03-13

Go straight to the 2nd clip, holy shit.

jangbones - 2011-03-13

I dunno, the first one got me because the dude is two steps from standing right in the middle of the fucking thing.

Pretty terrifying shit.

The Mothership - 2011-03-13

touche, but watching boats get fucked up by water never ceases to amaze.

RockBolt - 2011-03-13

Shiiit, when the water came over the wall in the second clip I unconsciously backed my chair away from my desk slightly

Konversekid - 2011-03-13

Sendai Dash! DASH! Sendai Dash! DASH!
A srip down!

In all seriousness this horrific and dreadfully awesome.

Jeriko-1 - 2011-03-13

You are now aware that he's probably dead. :(

fedex - 2011-03-13

not dead, see my UL in the hopper...and if he was dead, we *probably* wouldn't have the video

Jeriko-1 - 2011-03-13

No, I meant the Sendai Dash guy.

Konversekid - 2011-03-14

I doubt that is true based on the figure for the number dead and missing is currently slightly over 3000 for Sendai, while their population exceeds a million.

Plus he was probably one of the more prepared people for spontaneous water, at least based on his choice of clothing.

simon666 - 2011-03-13


Anaxagoras - 2011-03-13

Pearl Harbor! Didn't help during Katrina! Praise Jesus!

Meatsack Jones - 2011-03-13

The siren alone is freaking me the fuck out.

fedex - 2011-03-13

I UL'd the full version of pt1 to the hopper, worth seeing just to find out where he was taking it from (and its in HD)

Architeuthis Tux - 2011-03-13

I went to vote on it up but Asahi corp has torpedoed it with a copyright violation. Damnit.

fedex - 2011-03-14

well interestingly enough, since then they have apparently changed their minds and made it "OK" again! so please go vote it out of the hopper, its worth it...

fedex - 2011-03-14

aaand its gone again, ok fuck those guys, information wants to be free right? stay tuned while I locate an alternate source

fedex - 2011-03-14

OK, lets try it again...

I UL'd the full version of pt1 to the hopper, worth seeing just to find out where he was taking it from (and its in HD)...and fuck you, Asahi TV

fedex - 2011-03-14

blocked again, I give up

fedex - 2011-03-14

no I dont, fuck those guys, its back again and this time from a source thats likely to stay up, so get it while its hot

Riskbreaker - 2011-03-14

This reminds me, has anyone played the disaster report games? Yeah, pardon the geek comment, but for me disaster situations truly represent pure horror. Zombie invasion? Those suckers will decompose under the sun, now, try fighting back a giant wave.

mahlor - 2011-03-14

Jap cars make pretty good boats. Watachi wa ichiban desu!!

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