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BorrowedSolution - 2011-04-20

Oh Gary Busey, you've made me so happy.

delicatessen - 2011-04-20

I voted this up in the hopper because I want to know more about this axis of Neal Stephenson. Someone please tell me more.

misterbuns - 2011-04-20

William Gibson said that after he heard that Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, married the current iteration of Michael Jackson, he realized that the more our culture develops, the more difficult it is for him to do his job as a science fiction author because the we are going to start exponentially surpassing the imagination of even visionaries like him.

And well, Neal Stephenson is my generation's Gibson, so I used him instead.

I mean, this is a scenario out Snow Crash, isn't it?

charmlessman - 2011-04-21

Only if Hiro Protagonist delivers my pizza on time.

jangbones - 2011-04-20

You now realize that right now, April 2011, MITT ROMNEY is the most realistic Republican presidential candidate...by far.

Trump is laughable. Pawlenty is worthless. Santorum is hopeless. Huckabee is unelectable. Bachmann is almost as laughable as Trump. And Romney has more baggage than Palin ever did.

So, even if all indicators weren't as far in Obama's favor as they are now...even if the economy stays stagnant...no matter how much kowtowing to the neocons and big money interests that Obama continues to do...at this point, thanks to the saddest field of GOP candidates I have ever seen, Obama losing 2012 is almost inconceivable.

kingarthur - 2011-04-20

True, plus the insurance lobby is going to throw their weight behind him 100%.

Still, Obama is a dick. Nowhere near far enough on the side of the poor and middle class.

The McK - 2011-04-21

Two-party system's a bitch, ain't it?

Bort - 2011-04-21

It's worth remembering that Obama is not an emperor, and before Scott Brown showed up, Obama could get passed only those things that 100% of Senate Democrats plus Liebermann agreed with. Since then, Obama can get even less passed. A vast amount of legislation got stalled in the Senate thanks to Republicans; Obama couldn't even get routine appointments approved because of Senate Republicans.

The answer to this isn't to call Obama a dick; the solution is to push harder to oust Republicans. Remember, the Republicans' stated objective is to impede Obama so much that public opinion turns against him; are you going to be one of those people who falls for it?

misterbuns - 2011-04-21

didnt you bros see the busey in this vid

TheSupafly - 2011-04-20

why isn't this working for me

phalsebob - 2011-04-21

Busey is a wonder machine. Just never do anything he tells you to do.

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-22

The one blinking eye tells so much.

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