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SolRo - 2011-04-24

Not really evil, or stupid enough.

It's just regular old crap.

Udderdude - 2011-04-24

Coming soon: Removed from the Apple store for being too risque.

twinkieafternoon - 2011-04-24

If a game's central conceit is "look, cheesecake," then isn't it self-defeating to make the buttons so spread out that your thumbs will cover most of the viewing area, and therefore the cheesecake?

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2011-04-24

who are they kidding, you already fight like a girl

NewHeavenSalesman - 2011-04-24

still a more in-depth fighting system than Mortal Kombat. Did you see that frame trap at the end?

Udderdude - 2011-04-24

All it needs now is some obnoxious one frame links.

sosage - 2011-04-24

Standing medium pillow feint plink standing medium pillow is difficult but doable. Hit training mode scrub.

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