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Bhiu - 2011-04-27

Really? These jokers are < my white ass.

augias - 2011-04-27


abeli$con - 2011-04-27

go back to 4chan

augias - 2011-04-27


Stopheles - 2011-04-27

Wow, this is OOOOOOOOLD footage of the Wu's core. RZA doing basic couplets about sexing a girl? ODB as a basic hype man?

Great find.

ShiftlessRastus - 2011-04-28

They've a Dolemite/Blowfly feel here. This verse is on and ODB's first album with him doing the crazy half singing vocals instead of RZA. It's as close to Wu unplugged as we're gonna get. Also, fuck off Bhiu.

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