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Random_Hajile - 2011-05-09

Law enforcement dildo!

garcet71283 - 2011-05-09

Remind me never to get arrested in Texas.

Anaxagoras - 2011-05-09

Solution: never go to Texas.

duck&cover - 2011-05-09

War dildo:


glasseye - 2011-05-10

Stay as far away as possible from Tex-ass.

ashtar. - 2011-05-09

Chisum erupts over sodomy bill!
Chisum on the floor of the state house!
Chisum gets right up in Rep. Debra Danberg's face!
Chisum's mark all over Texas sex crimes bill!

Smellvin - 2011-05-09

"And those are demonstrators, too?"
"Nope. These are just... to go in the butt."

Maggot Brain - 2011-05-09

Think the lady singing the dildo song at the end was 6th grade drama teacher.

engrish muffin - 2011-05-09

Molly Ivens was so rad... Also there was a kid at my high school whose last name was Chisum and he we called him that exclusively (with the occasional Jizum thrown in for spice) because he was a fat, bible-thumping little redneck.

Syd Midnight - 2011-05-10

Molly Ivens was a national treasure.

apiaryist - 2011-05-09

This part of our history is over. But rest assured that strong sense of hypocrisy remains.

Severian - 2011-05-10

More specially if they're married.

phalsebob - 2011-05-10


Stopheles - 2011-05-10

After loosening up your inhibitions with a water-pipe purchased for the use of fine tobacco...

Stopheles - 2011-05-10

God Bless Molly, indeed!

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