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Sudan no1 - 2011-08-19

fuck these guys, when some asshole bombs a BART train and we all have to go through full body scanners this cellphone thing will look entirely retarded and privileged.

PS don't bother DDoSing POEtv, we do that to ourselves all the time.

TimbolinoBilchard - 2011-08-20

This is beyond retarded. BART did not turn off cell service, they turned off the devices that allow cell signals to reach the underground stations.

Yes, BART does some weird things, and I think the Oscar Grant situation shows the agency does not tolerate excessive force, and while it's sad that the homeless guy had to get shot, but I don't see an office risking his sweet salary and pension just to end a bum.

So, five stars for sheer misguided stupidity. They should have left the whole thing to the professional protestors in SF. (Yes, they have professional protestors who get paid, with benefits.)

baleen - 2011-08-20

I'm just hoping they destroy facebook like they said they would.

SolRo - 2011-08-20

so they didn't turn off cell service, they just turned off cell service....in the tunnels.

man that makes it so different!

StanleyPain - 2011-08-20

Wow, I sure am glad that public officials decided when and where people should be able to use their phones! Especially when it involves disrupting people's first amendment rights to protest! But they probably know what they're doing, right?

Pompoulus - 2011-08-20

It's sad that a homeless guy had to get shot, but

Ocyrus - 2011-08-20

No, you are beyond retarded.
You must be a pig, or suck pig dick (is your daddy a cop?), to even be able to begin justifying unnecessary and excessive violence by state actors against an unarmed civilian.

Also, this is perhaps the least-thought-through sentence I've ever read on POEtv: BART did not turn off cell service, they turned off the devices that allow cell signals to reach the underground stations.

It's like saying that cops don't kill people, they only stop their hearts with tazers or stop their mental processes with bullets to the head.

Caminante Nocturno - 2011-08-20

Hooray for Anonymous! POETV has got your back, Anonymous!

baleen - 2011-08-20

On behalf of poetv I would like to say "Welcome and please be nice to us."

Senator_Unger - 2011-08-20

I, for one, would like to welcome our new Anonymous overlords.

MrBuddy - 2011-08-20

Thank you 4chan you saved us

Nikon - 2011-08-20

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sosage - 2011-08-20

Pro tip: The average BART rider is just trying to get home after a shitty day of work. Their greatest concern is if they can catch a seat before the train becomes a human sardine can. If you want to get anyone's attention, protest for more 10 car trains during rush hour.

Harveyjames - 2011-08-20

They could have picked a cooler voice.

numb - 2011-08-21

Fuck these idiots.

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