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Desc:faster than the current (human) world record
Category:Science & Technology, Stunts
Tags:Robot, lego, technology, Rubiks Cube, solve
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Comment count is 13
now put your dick in there

Jet Bin Fever
Finally, a useful robot!
The Townleybomb
Pfft. Build one that can scramble a cube and another one to pass it between the first two and then I'll be impressed.
really? thats all it would take?

Hahaha, what? But this isn't impressive?

I'm always impressed that these things don't just explode the rubiks cube all over the place with their high-speed twisting
cool water sandwich
SOLVED flashes on the screen, and lo, you never have to worry about it again

Makes you want to put all of your problems in there.

Also, stars because I forgot earlier.

Dr. Lobotomy
What happens if you paint a couple of the squares purple just to screw with it?
Oscar Wildcat
My preferred method is to peel off two of the color stickers and swap them. The puzzle is now insoluble.

One day robots will be arranging atoms like this... the ones in your eyes.
Our toys are playing with toys

What's next, a jenga playing erector set?
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