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Today In History 2015
They Live - someone uploaded the whole movie on YT.
Good quality. Watch it before it's pulled.

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Lasagna Cake: A true Italian masterpiece

Arts - Educational
In honor of Garfield's 40th birthday.

Bird adventure with electricity

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
No spoilers

Great elevator

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
wait for it..

F-18 follows Tomahawk missile

Military - Science & Technology
Crab Mentality
With an unexpected close call near the end.

Vader delineates the difference between American & Japanese pro wrestling presentation

Sports - Accidents & Explosions
Seven Arts/H8 Red
RIP Leon 'Vader' White (1955-2018).

Koko the gorilla cries over the loss of a kitten

Classic TV Clips - Classic TV Clips
I don't care if it's a dupe, Koko is dead and nothing is right.. gorilla week

It's time for American Flatuators

Accidents & Explosions - Arts
'While other men have been pumping iron, I've been pumping gas.'

New Music On 73Q
Titta in i min lilla kajuta ('Come and See My Little Boat Cabin')
Björn Ulvaeus
Waffle House Jukebox Favorites, Vol. 1
Various Artists

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Latin Lover - Casanova Action (1985)

Disco satisfaction!

Paul Parker ‎– Right On Target (1982)

Navy SEAL Workout Challenge guy's musical side project?

Parks and Recreation blooper

Humor - Humor
Might be not safe for work

Rosetta’s final images

Science & Technology - Nature & Places
So Long and Thanks for all the Great Pics!

Teenage Challenge

Classic Movies - Religious
Young Christian teens' faith is confronted in high school.

True Facts: Frog Fish

Pets & Animals
Juice Eggs McKenna

Navy SEAL Workout Challenge


Greg Duva has a fresh new reel!

Cartoons & Animation
Killer Joe
And boy is he ever!

Judge Judy Vs. Private School that Locked Special Needs Kids in a Closet

Crime - Horror
Marlon Brawndo
'I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL.' These people are teaching children.

The Hispanic Children Migrants Desperate to Reach America

Educational - Humor
Marlon Brawndo
From the BBC 2015. In case you are wondering what is happening down there.

Peter Steele on the Jerry Springer show

Classic TV Clips
Of the popular alternative band Type O Negative.

Tentacles (full movie, 1977)

Classic Movies - Pets & Animals
Jaws except it's an octopus.

500 times faster than Mike Tyson

Horror - Humor

The time Corey Lewandowski said 'Womp, Womp' about a girl with Down Syndrome taken from her mom

Horror - News & Politics
Just continuing to document the rise of a fascist America on poeTV

Space Jam Dunk

Classic Movies - Sports

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood

What if 'Forbidden Zone' wasn't a comedy?

Psycho Soldier - opening theme

Video Games
The most amazing video game song ever, from Fisher-Price recording studio..

Scenario 2017

Sports - Arts
If you were worried that roller disco was dead you can relax.

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