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Desc:Former television host explains why The History Channel abruptly cancelled his series on UFOs.
Category:Science & Technology, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Disney, apple, History Channel, ufo hunters, bill birnes
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Comment count is 8
Like the History Channel needed another show about fucking UFO's.

Late in the video, Bill says the network stole all their ideas for shows about ancient astronauts and U.F.O.s from them as retribution for them running a photo of an alien/pig/human/cow hybrid.

Because of the pharmaceutical companies.

I think.

You fools, this instance of a TV show cancellation was entirely the result of intervention by the MAJIC-12 COUNCIL on behalf of their DRACONIAN (REPTOID) allies because of the episode about DULCE BASE where DRACONIAN-HUMAN hybrid BIOFORMS are being bred in vats. I have evidence of HIGH LEVEL penetration of major cable networks by DRACONIAN-HYBRID INFILITRATORS and am not afraid to post it to my Facebook and YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
you said penetration

Void 71
He should have tied Nazis into his conspiracy. That's the only way to ensure a future for your program on The History Channel.
And yet all the shows where they hunt for ghosts, and spend the entire episode hiding in the dark saying "I HEARD A SPOOKY NOISE SOMEWHERE. HEY GHOST, I AM SPEAKING TO YOU." are still running.

Because Jerry Seinfeld already successfully ran a show about nothing.

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